Yume Moon Reaches Round of 16 in VCT Game Changers NA Series 2 Open Qualifiers

In the VCT Game Changers open qualifier, the Yume Moon female team fragged their way to the Round of 16 against the best of the best.

Yume Moon started slowly in round-robin play with a loss to Gen.G Team Bumble before bouncing back with wins against :100_emoji: and Never Miss Gaming. Entry fraggers Ari and Denni consistently hit positive KDA ratios, racking up over 100 kills across the three games. Peachtea provided strategic recon with her recon bolts while Awice and Akiko provided needed smokes and utility to propel them into the upper bracket.

The all-female VALORANT team continued their dominance against Paradox, taking the Round of 32 series 2-0 against Paradox in the best of 3 series. But the strong female squad ran into a formidable opponent in TSM FTX in the Round of 16, and their run came to an end in the bottom bracket against Team X, ending their run to the main event.

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